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Paul D’Amour Custom Bass on Ebay

Sam messaged me this morning to let me know about this new Ebay item: a custom Ibanez Bass used by former Tool man Paul D’Amour. According to the description:

Designed per Paul’s specifications in the Ibanez custom shop.
Silver w/mirror pick guard, Maple neck, Badass bridge and humbucking pick-ups. (Body was damaged in the heat of battle but solidly repaired)

Auction includes case.

Was played on stage during some of Paul’s final shows with the band.
(can be signed by Paul on request)

It’s a nice looking bass, and the price is US$3,750.

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12 years ago

I wonder if that’s his pickguard design. its cool looking. Too bad its an ibanez bass.

If i had 4K to spend on a bass, I’d rather pick up a Wal, or a rick or a Lakland. 

12 years ago

You’d be paying for the cache of having Paul’s old bass, not for the bass itself. That bass is clearly not worth the money on its own.

So where do you get a Wal bass these days? Wal Mart?

Current production Wals are not what they used to be. I wouldn’t spend the money on a current Wal either, although some of the vintage Wals are really nice axes.

12 years ago

I don’t know man. Paul Herman has been doing some really nice work. He was trained by Pete and has worked with Wal since the 90’s and the basses are the exact same design. I really want one. I think this bass is pretty sweet and that’s probably what an Ibanez Custom shop would sell for new so your paying for the name quite a bit. If I had that cash I’d have to put it in the Wal fund.

12 years ago

I don’t know where I should post this but….

In this photo taken by Rynne, is Tool manager Pete… A) Pondering the future release date for the band’s live DVD?.. B) Waiting for Arsenal to play?.. C) Trying to contact UFO occupants near the White Mountains?..

A) Pondering the future release date for the band’s live DVD?

band’s live DVD

LIVE DVD!!!!!!!!

Is it possible ??? Man I wish.

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