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Buzz vomits up further info on Freak Puke

Spin have a nice interview with King Buzzo today, in which he talks about the forthcoming Melvins album Freak Puke. The album, which features Trevor Dunn on bass, is sounding more and more interesting:

Is he (Trevor Dunn) playing stand up on the whole record?
The whole record. There is no electric bass on that record whatsoever. As a matter of fact, there’s not even a bass amp on that record. It’s all miked bass. Not even a pick up out of a bass into an amp or anything. It’s straight acoustic. I think it’s an animal unlike anything we’ve ever done.

I couldn’t believe Dale plays with brushes on it.
Yeah. Dale played a really old drum set. A 1940s Gretsch kit I believe. I play through all kinds of crap. We do some much screwing around I have no idea what’s what, you know. Studio to me is just wide open. A lot of times we’ll go in totally unprepared and take it from there.

Also revealed (which I actually already knew but forgot to post) is that The Melvins will be on the Carson Daly show sometime in April.

King Buzzo!

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11 years ago

late night talk shows need the melvins.

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