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Leftover Tool Tour Posters on Toolband, Volto! approaches

nudges710 posted in the forums a little while ago that there are a bunch of leftover 2012 Tool Tour posters in the Toolband shop.  The posters available are from the Uncasville, Charlotte and Florida shows, and are $29.99 each plus postage.  Personally the one from Uncasville is one of my favorites from the tour!  No word on how many are available, or if there will be other shows released at a future time…

Update: There are new posters appearing as I write this, so keep watching the site for more shows!

In Volto! news, John Z gave us a further update on the new record on Facebook a couple of days ago:

concerning questions and comments about the upcoming album…

with mastering, artwork, pressings, logistics and business stuff, hopefully it’ll be out in the next month or so! we will let y’all know when we know, yay!

in the mean time, since you are our supremewonderfriends, please enjoy one last rockin pre-hear tidbit from what went down….

There’s also a new sample from the album for your listening pleasure!  Don’t forget they’re playing at The Mint in LA this Saturday night!

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11 years ago

Hey! Hellboy, we agree on something for once 🙂 I love the Mohegan sun poster, luckily i got one at the show.

11 years ago

There are currently 107 Uncasville posters available.

I nearly pulled the trigger on one, but then reconsidered. I like it but I just don’t need more stuff in my life right now. It’s a constant struggle….

11 years ago

Does anyone have a link to the Volto! sample?

11 years ago


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