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The Collective Unconcious Needs You!

I got an email from my Galen today who is the webmaster at the excellent Tool trading site Collective Unconcious. He’s looking for some help with maintaining the collection that he hosts on his site:

Due to the nuances of realities, is no longer trading or downloading Tool recordings. If the site were to discontinue updates it would not be what it set out to be back in the day: the guide to live recordings of Tool. Although the webmaster does not have the due diligence to download, trade and/or deal with other tapers, collectors and fans in order to create the most comprehensive collection out there the focus is on information. Please take note: is not interested in your actual recording simply interested in your information. Did you tape Tool and want to list it as a source on Write it up. What sources are not listed on Write it up. Did you download some torrents and have some comments about them? Are you a collector who knows they can create much wittier prose than I and sees blatant imperfections and can fix them? Write it up using the format on the template found HERE. Email the webmaster before July 7, 2012 to the email address on the template and information will be updated to To make things easier, a list of sources folks submit will be listed on the update section to prevent duplication of work. To start, 2011 and 2012 are completely open with no reviews and I know there numerous random sources missing… The only guideline: Sources and shows not listed already on at this time.

If you think you can help out, then head over to the site and help maintain this excellent Tool resource.

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12 years ago

NICE! I have often dreamed of doing this job… but I don’t enjoy many audience recorded (or AUD) shows. So my witty prose would probably be rather snobbish. I might still try though..

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