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Arizona Stronghold wines reach Australia

Some of you Aussies ordered some of the Merkin Vineyards 2006 Chuapacabra earlier this year. Matt from the Wine Experience emailed me this evening to give me the exclusive on the next shipment of Maynard’s wines, due this weekend. He says:

The Arizona Stronghold wines have arrived early and will be released this weekend online through Wine Experience. We could only get 20 cases (240 bottles) of Arizona Stronghold Nachise 2010 to Australia. Also available in very limited quantities will be the Arizona Stronghold Tazi White 2010 & Dayden Rose 2010, This is the first time Arizona Wines have ever left North America and the only time the 2010 vintage will be available of any Arziona Stronghold Wines. I doubt we will see anymore Nachise for a long time as their 2011 vintage was descimated by frost and weather and only very small quantities were produced.

These wines should go on sale via the Wine Experience site on either Friday or Saturday. The price should be approximately $55 for the Nachise, $40 for the Tazi and $30 for the Dayden Rose, and I expect postage is extra on top of that.

There will be no reservation system this time around, it will be first in best dressed on their website, however those who signed up to reserve the Chuapacabra will get prior warning via email, so keep an eye on your inbox if you’re keen.

Anyone tried these wines before? If so let us know by commenting below.

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12 years ago

me and my wife toasted with the tazi at our wedding in 09′. i would highly recommend it. 😉

12 years ago

Tried the reds, they were delicious and I’d highly recommend!

12 years ago

thought that read ‘triad the reds.’


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