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Rare Undertow Studio DAT silent auction

Occasionally I get asked to help sell some rare Tool memorabilia, and last week I was approached Tool collector GNX to help sell a rare Undertow studio DAT. This Digital Audio Tape is one of three mastered recordings – one for the CD, one for the LP and one for cassette. This particular one is the cassette version.

According to GNX it is the same recording as used on Undertow, but sounds much clearer, and you can sounds that aren’t really detectable on the released recording. For example the symbols ring out much more clearly.

Serious offers for this collectible can be emailed to me, and I will pass them onto GNX. I have no idea what the reserve is, so don’t ask, but it’s safe to say this item should go for a reasonable amount to the right buyer.

Note that while I consider GNX to be a reliable seller of Tool collectibles (items of his have appeared on the site in the past) Fourtheye claims no responsibility to the authenticity of items sold. All purchases are at your own risk!

Also, GNX will be watching this thread, so feel free to ask any questions in regards to this item in the comments section.

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11 years ago

I remember when DAT first came out…mmmm, about 93ish sure…people were crazy about it. kinda funny now….but I’m gonna have to pass as my DAT machine is on the fritz… 🙁

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