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Maynard talks about the End of Days

Maynard’s first column for Up On The Sun has been published over night, and it’s about end times and winemaking:

My copy of the Mayan Calendar appears to have expired, so it is currently of no use to me. I got on the Bunker bat phone to Tim White at Arizona Stronghold and Todd Bostock at Dos Cabezas Wineworks to see if they were witnessing a similar trend. Turns out they are. Todd is 84 tons in. Tim is 200 tons in. Confirmed. All ahead of schedule. All of that painstaking groundwork resulted in a significant drop in my overall energy level and pleasant demeanor. I did the only logical thing a high performance mental athlete such as myself would do. I reached in the freezer for a Buster Bar. None. Surely this is yet another sign.

Queue all the Chicken-Little’s saying “I told you so!”…

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11 years ago

so hes almost done making wine? You know what that means……. WINTER 2012 APC AND PUSCIFER TOUR EXTRAVAGANZA!

11 years ago

Oh Monkey, that made me laugh so hard I had to sign up and thank you for the side-splitting laughter on this Tuesday morning. I needed that! Well timed, and I’m sure a lot of people are feeling the same way. But seriously, I think progress is being made on their 10K Days follow up however slowly it may be coming. Many fans weren’t thrilled with 10K Days but I thought it to be their best. And I think they feel the same way and just want to top it. No easy task. Obviously Maynard either works faster, harder or… Read more »

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