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Stuff that happened while I was away

As usual, I go away for a few days and a bunch of interesting things happen. Here’s an overview of some largely non-Tool news that’s happened over the weekend:

Firstly Blair posted the latest Tool Newsletter, which features a great interview with Tool lighting dude Junior. He answers a range of questions regarding his work with Tool (and other bands) and even name drops Adelaide as one of his favourite places! Luckily for both Junior and the rest of us from Adelaide, he should be here in March with A Perfect Circle…

Speaking of A Perfect Circle, I reported the other day that they were likely to play on the South American Lollapalooza – that was confirmed over the weekend, and they’ll also be joined by Puscifer, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age and a bunch of other excellent bands.

In other news that excites me, Tool touring buddies Yob will be playing the Doomnations festival in Melbourne. Word is that it may be their only show, but personally I find that hard to believe, and I hope for more dates personally, preferably in Adelaide!

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11 years ago

You call this news! This is nothing but jibber jabber. JIBBER JABBER, I say! Why in my day, you couldn’t be conscious for more than 5 minutes without hearing some honest to goodness actual real news. And the government would build walls 20, no 30 feet tall, just to keep out all the jibber jabber. And these walls would be manned by nudists, because no one is better at sniffing out jibber jabber than a nudist. But, that all changed when Reagan took office, he started cutting funding for the jibber jabber walls, or crodonocks as we used to call… Read more »

11 years ago

Taaaaaaaaaaaaking covert trips down to Adelaide. Adelaide.

11 years ago

Makes sense that Troy van Leeuwen would pull double duty with APC and QOTSA. Wish I could go! Even without Josh Frese

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