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Mandala Synapse looking for a kick

Posted on Toolband today was a link to Vince De Franco‘s latest project, the Mandala Synapse. I’m no expert, but it looks like a gizmo that allows you to connect a range of musical devices (mainly percussion) to a PC with low latency.

Vince is looking for people to fund the device using the popular Kickstarter service. By pledging certain amounts, you can get a range of goodies, from stickets, t-shirts, signed Danny Carey drum sticks and even the device itself. Sadly, unlike Josh Freese they’re not offering a drive in Danny’s Lamborghini on mushrooms reward.

Here’s a video which hopefully explains the project better than me:

If this sounds like a good idea, then get on board and pledge some money.

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11 years ago

There doesn’t seem to anything new or exciting about this. There’s literally dozens of midi interfaces on the market that accommodate electronic percussion pads and triggers. And pledging money…what the fuck?

11 years ago

Looks cool to me. I’ve long been interested in getting at least one Mandala pad for no other reason than I like to make noises. Nice to know that IF i got this gizmo too, I could use my controller pedal too. Hopefully the controller pedal would be allowed to manipulate more than just the volume of the device.

That said I’m not planning on buying either thing any time soon.

11 years ago

Too many too’s in that third sentence. Too early in the morning for me to be posting, it is.

10 years ago

To be truthful I’ll take two, too!

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