Adam drops The Pot hint?

As noted overnight by GoListen2LennyWhite on Reddit, Adam seems to have recently posted a pic on Instagram which may or may not hint towards a video for The Pot. Here’s the photo:

The photo includes the tags #whyseeagel and #hottep, the latter which is speculated to be an anagram for The Pot. Anyone got any thoughts on the first one? returns 426 possible results, including my favorite “Wash Eye Gel”.

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9 years ago

Looks like a slug with legs.

9 years ago

Eh I thought the pic he put up of him and Danny a couple days ago was much more interesting than this.

We all “know” The Pot video is coming, no need to be all cryptic about it.

9 years ago

Blair mentioned the date January 5th in the last newsletter. I really thought something would be posted today regarding the release of this video or it would be in the shopping bazaar. No luck. These guys take their sweet ass time with everything.

9 years ago

I really hope the still isn’t for a video of a song that came out six and a half years ago. I think it took Kubrick less time to make. Eyes Wide Shut.

I guess the hash tag pretty much proves that this is for The Pot. Oh well, I hope that it’ll be worth the wait.

9 years ago

Not an exact match, but my first thought was a newborn joey in the pouch.

Jethro Tool
Jethro Tool(@jethro-tool)
9 years ago

Yeah Adam mentioned a theatre release some years ago for this. It might hint at artwork for the next album just like Parabola did for 10000 days… Maybe they will bundle the DVD with 10000 days vinyl?

Reply to  Jethro Tool
9 years ago

“just like Parabola did for 10,000 days”? explain…i remember the artwork, but I don’t remember the similarity to 10k

9 years ago

ya, the pot isnt my fav tool song ever and if a video really is coming out 6.5 years after that song was released then i cant say im overly thrilled about it. sure ill buy it. but still. yep, i agree. all this cryptic crap for something thats old news doesnt work. the bug man thing makes me smile and i kinda get excited about it. but they are taking too long and the affect doesnt work as well. thanx for linking the adam and danny pic on instagram. off to check it out now! cheers! happy new year… Read more »

9 years ago

IDK looks like a cicada going though metamorphosis to me..or some other type of nymph, no?

9 years ago

i check his pics out and wonder but theirs no point going much further then that. who cares is kinda a good point. it gets old.

the tool site has become a place for them to promote their friends. look at todays post or yesterday. or the last few years for that matter! bah

9 years ago

I’ll go out on a limb and say that almost every picture he uploads is atleast 10 years old.

9 years ago

re: the next anal bum cover They need to back off the involvement of Alex Grey’s art imo. Nothing against what he/they’ve done up to this point. But another album saturated in his art would be really underwhelming. My feeling is that Tool’s music has told a story; that story pretty much ended with Lateralus and was more or less tied up with 10,000 Days. I’d say they’re in a musically transitional phase, which is my theory as to why this album has taken as long as it has to write. They’re taking their time rediscovering themselves. That’s my theory… Read more »

9 years ago

From MJK’s wine website: Thursday, December 27th, 2012 Cellar Additions Our trip to Italy ended up being far more expensive than I’d previously thought. Once I saw the larger format barrels and casks, I was screwed. Must. Have. Gallon for gallon, with regards to price, these items are basically on par with the higher quality French barriques we use anyway. I guess this means for us less TOOL writing and more puscifer and APC shows. Oh lets not forget the show in the far east, the cash to pay for those expensive barrels and casks has to come from somewhere.… Read more »

9 years ago

Come on, they should be working on their Jimmy video.

6 years ago

We see legs