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Fourtheye Subscription Renewals

It turns out that last night was the 12 month anniversary of me starting subscriptions for Fourtheye, a move that has been very successful and comfortably supports the sites financial needs. Some of you subscribed for a 12 month period, and may have noticed that you have been billed for another 12 months (in the case of Gold Subscribers that amount would be $50).

Subscription is supposed to be a positive move for both myself and subscribers, so if this renewal has caught you by surprise, and you really don’t want to subscribe for another 12 months, feel free to contact me and I will process a refund. There is no penalty to either you or myself for doing this. There are a bunch of you who’s renewals are due sometime in the next few weeks, so if you’re not sure you want to continue subscribing, now is the time to check your Paypal account.

Of course I’d love to have you all continuing to subscribe, however have no issues with those who feel they have contributed enough.

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