Happy Birthday Adam!

It’s Adam’s birthday in this part of the world, and as is tradition I shall post a Youtube video that contains some of his best work. The album 10,000 Days was pretty strong in regards to Adam’s guitar work, and while it’s easy to highlight Jambi as a defining solo, I actually think the solos in the 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) track are the best on the album. Maynard may object, but here’s a decent recording of it live:

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9 years ago
9 years ago

@crow why is adam a douchebag in your reality?

Happy Bday mr. Jones.

9 years ago

@The Boss You’ve definitely peaked my interest as to why you think he’s a “douchebag”. While I understand he’s not the most personable member of the band (leave that to Danny and Justin) he’s also not the least personable member of the band. He’s the key component to the band’s visual aspect and also has the most diverse portfolio within the band. Did you meet him or something and maybe he was short with you? Like I said… I’m not judging you for having the opinion you have, as I said before… You’ve peaked my interest. I’ve never met any… Read more »

9 years ago

i love the way the album version of this song sounds on headphones, swirling from left channel to right. i saw My Morning Jacket this summer and Jim James was using a pedal to create a similar effect on one of their songs, bouncing the sound back and forth b/t the right and left stacks. It was a cool audio trick. I wonder why (maybe he did and I just dont remember, I saw this song twice live) Adam didnt use something similar? also interesting that a riff from this song has been played as far back as the lateralus… Read more »

9 years ago

I met adams parents after an aenima tour show, and they were lovely people. his mom said “our son is the LEAD guitarist”. we all thought that was funny.

9 years ago

hppy brthd!!