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Adam & Justin speak with Fasterlouder

Adam and Justin recently had a chat with Australian site Fasterlouder and answered some questions about a range of topics, including this:

Back when you started working on Lateralus Maynard was still busy with A Perfect Circle so you guys started working on the music without him and I was wondering whether you’ve ever been tempted to become an instrumental band?
AJ: People have different styles of working. It’s like painting: some people can do a painting in five minutes and other people take six months to do something and it’s just different styles of the individual people in this band and it works really well. We jam and make riffs and at some point he comes in and does what he does and we’re all really happy with that.

JT: And the answer is “no”.

It’s an excellent interview and I strongly recommend you all take a look. No new albums news, just in case you were expecting it!

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11 years ago

Surprised they are even considering playing a new song. That would be really neat, because that is what they did long ago pre- Aenima.

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