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Fourtheye Subscribers Giveaway

When I first started offering subscriptions for Fourtheye, I originally planned to have a series of giveaways (including a potentially very special prize) however due to various reasons this has been put off. However, I have had some goodies arrive recently, and decided today was a good day for a surprise Subscriber giveaway! Up for grabs were a copy of the new Tomahawk album Oddfellows signed by Mike Patton & Duane Denison, and a copy of the Tool Revolver magazine courtesy of Fourtheye reader Hotdog.

For the draw all Gold subscribers were given 3 tickets, Silver 2 and Bronze 1. Those who’s subscriptions lapsed were also included (though they will need to resubscribe to enter the next giveaway). Two tickets were randomly drawn and I’m pleased to announce the winner of the CD was mikelisse and the Revolver mag JBone879. Congratulations to both of you, and I’ll be in touch shortly!

Want to be in the next draw (at a yet to be determined date) – sign up!

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11 years ago

Damn…that signed Tomahawk CD is a pick up. Congrats!

11 years ago

What a great day! i woke up to an email from amazon suggesting i buy this album, and seeing as today is pay day i seriously considered picking it up once i deposited my check. and lo and behold! i am immensely grateful! just another reason I love this site, and community.

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