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Aloke Dutta Competition

After the interview with Aloke the other day, forum regular Mog suggested we run a competition where the prize is a free one hour lesson with Aloke via Skype. Mog graciously donated the fee for the lesson (valued at $100), and Aloke has agree to provide the winner with a PDF copy of one of his books to help with the lesson. The lesson itself is suitable for all musicians regardless of their level of experience. Being via Skype, the lesson can be had regardless of your location in the world, just so long as you have a decent internet connection.

The difficulty was to find a way to run the competition, and after some discussion Mog and I decided to run it as a charity drive supporting Hiefer International, a charity who strive to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth. For every dollar you donate to Fourtheye, you will receive one entry into the competition. All money donated will then be forwarded to Hiefer International at the end of the competition. The competition itself will close at midnight April 30 US Pacific time. The winner will then be selected at random a couple of days later.

To enter, please us the button below (don’t use the dontation button found on the Membership page, as it makes it hard for me to sort out). Once the money is recieved, I’ll send you an email to confirm the entry.


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11 years ago

Wait a second guys…wait a second here. Is there a way for me to just give like $800 to Tool for no reason? As a fan I really feel that they deserve it a lot more than some charity or something…

I’m just kidding. Mog you’re a stand up dude, this is awesome.

10 years ago

I’m not entering the sweepstakes, however I have made a separate donation to Heifer to show my support.

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