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April 2013 Tool Newsletter

Blair has posted the April 2013 Tool Newsletter, and it doesn’t have anything particularly exciting for Tool fans (ie no new album news). It does feature and interesting question regarding Truckfighters, as well as some clarification regard a few things with the Opiate reissue:

Q: “Hi! Don’t know who to contact really, maybe you could help me in the right direction? Just checking will TOOL release new material soon? Hopefully they will tour a lot then? I play in a band called Truckfighters, we’ve done over 500 liveshows in Europe, USA, South America and soon also Australia/New Zealand. We will release our fourth record in JAN 2014 on SONY music in Scandinavium and Fuzzorama in the rest of the world. Would love to discuss and opening slot for TOOL, we can do anything to make it happen. We’re professional musicians and know how things work.”

A: How long would it take you and the fellows to get to Australia – once you’ve acquired the necessary AEMU suits, that is? On second though, that new beast of Danny’s sounds pretty damn cool! (Hey, a nice little plug for the band anyway.)

Here’s Danny and his new toy:


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11 years ago

The Truckfighters are awesome. I have been following them for quite some time. Check them out. Great Desert/Stoner Rock.

11 years ago

Watched that documentary thing they put out a couple years ago (Truckfighters) and it was pretty awesome. I reckon they would be an awesome opener for Tool.

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