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Volto! and Caduceus update

John Z from Volto! has given us an update on the coming album via Facebook, posting the back cover of an advance CD, as well as hinting at the date 23rd of July. It’s probably a safe assumption that the date mentioned is the release date for their new album, which according to the cover will be distributed by the Concord Music Group:

It’s also been revealed that Maynard‘s Caduceus winery is contributing to a combined wine called Kindred. From the article:

It was wine used as conversation starter. Four Arizona winemakers figured they could use the collaboration as an excuse to get together and talk regularly.

The resulting wine, Kindred, might also spark conversation among Arizona oenophiles.

Kindred is a project of winemakers from Arizona Stronghold Vineyards, Dos Cabezas WineWorks, Caduceus Cellars and Callaghan Vineyards. Each winery donated a barrel of wine to the project, the contents of which were poured into a tank.


Keenan embraced the idea, not only to work with other winemakers, but also to show the buying public that the region had matured.

“It drives home the idea … that the state is valid when you see the winemakers kind of standing together,” Keenan said. “Up until now, it’s a new region, so everybody’s been fighting for their space on the playground a little bit. Once we get over those growing pains a bit, we can show that it’s better if we’re marching forward, arms locked.”

Sounds interesting.

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10 years ago

bigboy55693…you must be new here. No one is allowed to question anything that the members of Tool do, unless it’s in “The Grudge” thread.

You must only have positive reactions in regards to the updates about their various side-projects and the reasons that they were delayed numerous times.

Please leave your insufferable comments belowx