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Volto! to play YEStival in New Jersey

Danny’s band Volto! will be playing the recently announced YEStival in Camden, New Jersey on August 3rd:

Grammy-winning rock band YES is excited to announce an addition to their first-ever festival – YEStival, a day-into-night musical adventure in full quadraphonic sound – set for Saturday, August 3rd at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ.

VOLTO!, a new band featuring TOOL drummer Danny Carey, has just been confirmed as a performer along with the previously announced artists including THE MUSICAL BOX, RENAISSANCE FEATURING ANNE HASLAM, and CARL PALMER’S ELP LEGACY.

Volto! features Danny Carey from Tool, guitarist John Ziegler (PYGMY LOVE CIRCUS) and bass player Lance Morrison (DON HENLEY). Carey says, “To say that I am excited to play the Yestival would be an understatement. I have been listening to Yes for over 40 years now so this will literally be a dream come true.” Volto!’s debut album Incitare will be released July 23rd.

I expect this gig is a one off, and not the sign of a larger tour, but we’ll wait and see…
Update: Actually, there may well be a decent Volto! tour after all…

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10 years ago

when I saw Volto last month, John Z indicated to me that they will be doing some touring.

10 years ago

Why would anyone say YEs to this?

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