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Volto! and Minimoogs

I discovered today that the Volto! website now seems to be up and running, and featured on it is a piece written by Blair where he discusses Danny, Volto! and Synthesizers, in particular the Minimoog he sold Danny. The piece also contains a few answers to the recent quiz posted in the June Tool Newsletter:

Over the many years since Danny purchased the Minimoog, its distinctive control panel has, for the most part, merely collected dust after having been placed on a shelf among the more impressive-looking modular big boys in his collection. However, its dormant analog circuitry might have secretly blinked a moment of life (expressed, perhaps, as a flash of the overload light of its external input volume) when, while attending a concert during “Yes’s” 40th anniversary tour, VOLTO! guitarist John Ziegler commented to Danny and I how cool he thought Wakeman’s (Rick’s son, Oliver, in this case) Minimoogs sounded. As I recall, in the same breath almost, John said to Danny that VOLTO! should record an album. Thinking about it now, I can’t help but wonder if John (or even Danny) truly imagined that it wouldn’t be that long after this that they not only recorded their debut album “Incitare” but, that they would also soon be on the same bill as “Yes” during a much anticipated summer prog-festival?

Blair haters may want to stay clear, but I enjoyed the article personally.

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