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Melvins & Helmet announce joint Australian tour

It’s been a long time coming, but The Melvins have finally announced a headline tour around Australia, this time joined by 90s stalwarts Helmet. It’s a comprehensive tour as well, featuring shows all around the country, and most importantly, not skipping Adelaide! Here are the dates:

Friday December 6 – Metropolis – Fremantle (Melvins only)
Sunday December 8 – Hi Fi Brisbane
Monday December 9 – Northern Hotel – Byron Bay
Wednesday December 11 – Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle
Thursday December 12 – Anu Bar- Canberra
Sunday 15 December – Hi Fi – Sydney
Monday December 16 – The Gov- Adelaide
Tuesday December 17 – Hi Fi- Melbourne (Melvins only)
Wednesday December 18 – Hi Fi – Melbourne (Helmet only)
Wednesday December 18– Brisbane Hotel- Hobart (Melvins only)

Both bands also play on the Meredith Music Festival on the weekend of the 13th, 14th & 15th of December.

It’ll be great to see both bands playing. Helmet have toured semi-regularly in recent years, however The Melvins haven’t had a decent Australian tour for a long time.

No word on what Melvin’s configuration it will be – I’m betting on the four piece version. The Melvins are currently touring the US celebrating their 30th Anniversary with Butthole Surfer Jeff Pinkus on bass.

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10 years ago

It’s a ‘joint’ tour, yet if you wanna see this tour in melbourne you have to pay double and come two nights in a row? Lame.

10 years ago

Next year Melvins and Helmet and form Melmet.

It’ll be the full Big Business Melvins, the classic Helmet lineup, Trevor Dunn, and Kurt Cobain.

Reply to  UndKeineEier
10 years ago

Kurt Cobain won’t actually do anything, they’ll just haul his skeleton around with them. The downside to that though is that Courtney Love would probably follow them everywhere screaming incoherently.

10 years ago

Hope you Aussie folks get to see it an enjoy it. I missed the Melvins coming through Dallas recently but saw Helmet play last year at Dia De Los Toadies festival and they were really good. Simple set no effect or “show” per se but sounded great and had a lot of energy.

10 years ago

at 1:01 who is that on bass?
From Melvins Wiki:
Lori – bass (1987-1991, 1991-1993)

Side Note:
I think this is the only known picture i have seen of Mackie (Buzz’s wife)

Reply to  recycle
10 years ago

You should try typing her name into this fairly obscure site called ‘google’, then clicking on the images button.

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