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My Tool Top 10: #6 Pushit

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of Aenima, Pushit is a powerful piece of love gone wrong, and is a popular one with many Tool fans. In fact I imagine quite a few would argue that #6 isn’t high enough! Not to mention the fact that I didn’t choose the Salival version (I do indeed prefer the original).

Musically the song shows almost all of the colours of Tool. It has both some of their heaviest work, and their lightest work in the same track. As is the case with most of Aenima, Maynard’s singing is sublime, especially as we reach the climax of the song.

And the ending. Who could forget that. There is no Tool song that closes as well as Pushit does. The combination of some of Danny’s finest with Maynard bleeding his heart out is an hallmark moment in their catalog.

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10 years ago

nice! i figured ud pick pushit! Im not doing too bad so far but im down two now i think ? and yes, i too think of the original version over the live slower version they started to do in 98. at the time i loved it and i still enjoy it but the original is the best one for sure!

10 years ago

One of their best I think. The dynamic range is amazing. Those quiet moments that give Maynard plenty of space while the band continues to rock out more minimally then a lot of bands are comfortable with. And how they take it home is superb.

10 years ago

Great choice. I saw this song on their 2012 tour in Reno. It was one of the best things i’ve ever seen them or anyone do live. The feeling in that room was unbelievably powerful. The whole crowd was electrified during the whole show.

would love to see them revisit this type of songwriting….

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