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Failure confirmed as support for Tool tour

Failure have been confirmed as one of the support acts for the coming Tool tour in the US according to their Facebook page:

We’ll be joining Tool on their upcoming tour (U.S. dates between March 9 in Reno and March 27 in Phoenix), marking the first time Failure & Tool have toured together since 1996. “Looking forward to hanging with my old mates, but more importantly, it’s a chance for people to hear two bands that still really care about the long form album format and what you can do that amount of time artistically, versus three-and-a-half minute singles.” – Ken Andrews.

This was also confirmed on the Tool Facebook page (but not Toolband yet):

Our good friends Failure will join us for the upcoming U.S. dates between Reno and and Phoenix. This marks the first time TOOL and Failure will tour together since 1996. MJK said: “I was already excited to play with Failure at my 50th birthday party in May, with Puscifer and A Perfect Circle. Now I get to do a few more shows with them. Best birthday ever.”

Yob are also rumoured to be supporting, presumably for the Spokane, Eugene and Portland shows. I have no idea who, if anyone, will be supporting Tool in Mexico City.

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9 years ago

I wonder how long of a set they will get? Last time Tool played the Bill Graham in SF with ‘Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine’ opening, they started early; 7:40-8:30 for a show suppose to start @ 8. I wonder if they’ll do the same for Failure.
If they play ‘The Nurse Who Loved Me’ I wonder if anyone in the audience will think “Oh, they doing an A Perfect Circle cover.” My guess that there has to be at least a few thinking that at each show.

Reply to  nousername
9 years ago

It really is great they are coming out.

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