Blair uses capital letters to describe new album process

In an update from Blair just this morning he describes some progress on the next Tool album:

The other day an insider (and by “insider” I mean truly an insider!) told me that since getting back to working on material for the next record, things have been going VERY well. Now, don’t read more into this than it suggests – which is that there have been some good writing/arranging sessions as of late. Progress!.. We’ll take that any day!

I would guess the “insider” is likely to be Danny, and with all of the band members currently having clear calendars (from a public perspective at least anyway) I think we all hope that we can see some solid progress on the new album in the coming months.

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Danny, who has been saying the album might be out by the end of the year since… what, 2011? TBF, I know I do the same shit with projects I do for work; Say it should only take a couple weeks, ends up taking a month because I nitpick. But for god sakes, danny’s claims about the progress or timeline of this album no longer hold any weight. If Adam starts saying they should be in the studio soon, that’ll probably be the point we start seeing this thing become a reality.


I thought there was some post/update/comment around February or March that insinuated the music was pretty much done and sent to Maynard for vocals (too lazy to look for it now). I feel like we are now going backwards with progress on this album.


2960 days and counting.


Here is the link to confirm from last august. 10 months have passed, sigh