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Fourtheye Readers Best Album of 2014 poll online!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and also to vote on which albums were the best for the year! For the last couple of years we’ve had a Fourtheye Readers Best Album poll, and this year we’re doing it again!

This poll will let you vote for the albums you’ve enjoyed this year, and may also give you a few tips as to what other albums Tool fans are enjoying at the moment. Some would say that 2014 has been a quiet year for musical releases, but none the less, there are plenty of great albums out there. Here’s a few suggestions taken from the Best Albums of 2014 thread in the forum:

And I’m sure there are many others. Please use the form below to register your entries. Voting closes sometime on New Years Eve!

In case you can’t see the poll embedded above, you can reach it at this link.

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9 years ago


Here’s my list for anybody that’s interested.

1.) Clearing the Path to Ascend – YOB
2.) III – Spectral Lore
3.) Too Bright – Perfume Genius
4.) The Ape Of God – Old Man Gloom
5.) Foundations of Burden – Pallbearer
6.) Deathless – Revocation
7.) The Beast Of Left and Right – Lazer/Wulf
8.) Guilty of Everything – Nothing
9.) Obsolescence – Abysmal Dawn
10.) From All Purity – Indian

9 years ago

Where’s the link to vote?

Reply to  hellboy1975
9 years ago

Awesome, thanks HB

9 years ago

Jakob – Sines

9 years ago

My list as officially submitted, in no real order. Hope yall find something new you like

Melana Chasmata – Triptykon
Roads to the North – Panopticon
Once more round the sun – Mastodon
when life comes to death – Young and in the way
Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves – Autopsy
Death Mask – Lord Mantis
Blissfucker – Trap Them
Eyehategod – Eyehategod
Down IV part 2 – Down
Worse than dead – Iron Reagan

9 years ago

There’s no “best” to me and one can’t listen to every album but here is my list of the 10 albums (no order) I listened and appreciated the most in 2014 :

Sines – Jakob
Blues Pills – Blues Pills
Lesser Key – Lesser Key
Easy Pain – Young Widows
Stranded In Arcadia – Mars Red Sky
L’Epreuve Du Contraire – Lofofora
Refractory Obdurate – Wovenhand
The Ape Of God – Old Man Gloom
Glass Cathedrals – The Mire
Royal Blood – Royal Blood

I discovered most of these through Sputnikmusic, US and french webzines and FourthEye obviously…

9 years ago

Helium Head by Mutoid Man melted my fucking face off. It gets my number one spot. Young Widows, YOB, and Boris had great albums this year too. Emma Ruth Rundle almost made my top ten, and deserves an honorable mention.

Reply to  cultiv8420
9 years ago

Just listened to the Mutoid man EP you recommended and it is bad ass.

Reply to  Alittlevil
9 years ago

Glad you enjoyed it! It’s really a supergroup of sorts: Steven from Cave In, Ben from Converge, and the sound guy from Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn.

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