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Suns of the Tundra Kickstarter

After Justin left Peach to join Tool, and the remaining members of the band went on to form Suns Of The Tundra. Their latest album Bones of Brave Ships is ready for release this April, and the band are looking for some Kickstarter funds to get a deluxe gatefold sleeve double-vinyl version to the market.

It looks like a nice package, and the music sounds great, so if vinyl is your thing and these guys interest you, the get on board and send some funds their way.

Thanks to Moridin for the tip!

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8 years ago

I loved giving birth to a stone and I know I tried looking for other material from the group and other projects the members might be involved in, but overlooked this somehow. So thanks for posting this. I love what I’m hearing so far. It’s a great late Xmas gift.

Reply to  Jud45
8 years ago

Both of their earlier releases from 2006 and 2009, I believe, are very good. Some of the 2006 CD sounds so much like TOOL I can see why the band may not have thought to take them on any legs of the 10K Days tour as their opening act. TOOL loved touring with Peach so much back in the 1990s I thought SOTT might get some consideration, but they sound way more TOOLish than Peach ever thought about. It would have been cool to see. Giving Birth To A Stone is one of my favorite CDs.

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