February 2015 Tool Newsletter

Blair has posted the February 2015 Tool Newsletter, and it’s a pretty straight forward one, giving us some solid updates on where Tool are at, as well as some further clarification in the recent Motörhead issue:

With regards to the chance meeting between members of Tool and their friends in Motorhead in the same recording facility – this had absolutely nothing to do with the preparation, recording, mixing or mastering! of a new Tool album. Instead, it concerned another Tool project that has been in the works for a while. In fact, when I first heard about this project (way back when), I mentioned it in a news post as being a “curve ball” – meaning that it would be something unexpected by most Tool fans (as it was to me). Since then, some fans have guessed what this is, while others remain clueless, with many others believing that there really never was any such idiom to begin with.

And most excitingly in regards to the new album:

Now that these other things have (hopefully) been put to rest, let’s see about any current news. The first item would be that the members of the band will be taking a break from their writing/arranging sessions next week WHILE Aaron Harris (“ISIS”, PALMS”) sets up an area in the Loft for Maynard to be able to work on vocal melodies as the others play (loudly) their completed tunes. In that there is a lot of equipment to be moved and reorganized, it will take at least a few days to set up Maynard’s ‘station’ in the adjoining room. Admittedly, this is exciting news, but let’s not jump to any hasty conclusions…

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6 years ago

Finally, some solid news…

i guess now we know mjk is moving in, this means the next album will likely be recorded at the loft? or i have misunderstood that?

Reply to  dickleiper
6 years ago

Rough intermediate recordings at the loft. They tend to nail down 99% before entering a legit studio to record final draft.

Reply to  hellboy1975
6 years ago

…..100% ready to record before entering studio, as usual, per TOOL M.O. No reason to deviate from their normal process. Thanks, Hellboy! Shit is happening and we’re getting some genuine confirmation. I expect this will continue along their recording process to some degree undoubtedly on their own terms and when they feel like sharing updates. So nice to be somewhat informed. Personally, as a devout fan I really appreciate it as I know so many of us do. Whatever the curve ball ends up being prior to new music will be an excellent bonus, I’m sure.

6 years ago

thanks for the clarification 🙂

6 years ago

curveball = OPIATE music video with new middle section they played live last year

Reply to  aenimal
6 years ago

Nooooooooo. Blair said some of us have guessed it. And in the studio video Adam says recording some songs– plural. So I’m hoping for a salival 2

Reply to  jarid
6 years ago

This is my guess. Wasn’t there some pictures of old master recordings in a box but said it was a box of lenticular keychains or some such nonsense?

6 years ago

So, $156 = the great whore of Babylon blanket. Good whork there boys.

6 years ago

I knew it! Aaron Harris is going to be helping them out! Fuck yeah… Aaron is a good engineer/producer. Has anybody heard Sensory Station’s recordings? Or Silence is a VIrus? Aaron did fantastic work with those bands. If he is going to be in full swing with TOOL we’re certainly going to hear some well engineered stuff.

As for the “Curve Ball”, I think we’re all dead on with Salival 2. I can’t wait for that release…

Reply to  Z-Werewolf
6 years ago

Careful Zwerewolf if you’re too positive or excited Maynerd will surely drop you down a peg. There’s no being a fan on a fan site allowed apparently.

Reply to  simdog
6 years ago

Haha very true.. but I suppose it’s hard not to be like that when you know it all…… 😉

Reply to  simdog
6 years ago

Or a dedicated fanboy

6 years ago

Most newsworthy newsletter ever?

Maynard jamming with actual songs? this is progress!