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Volto! at the Mint on August 1st

Volto! will be playing at the Mint in Los Angeles next weekend on August 1st. Volto! are Danny Carey, John Ziegler and Lance Morrison. The show is for 21+ and presumably tickets will be at the door.

Danny will also be playing with the Webb Allstars at the Baked Potato this coming Thursday the 30th of July. Also playing will be Doug Web, Mitch Forman, Jimmy Earl and John Ziegler.

Not much else seems to be coming out of the Tool camp at the moment. I imagine there might be a newsletter from Blair in the coming days. Maybe it will reveal something about the curveball, or confirm that Tool are still hard at work on the album. Maynard posted on Facebook the other day that the Arizona vintage is now underway, so I expect there may not be much time for him to work with the other three until the show in October.

Volto! at the Mint on August 1st

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Fanny Alger
Fanny Alger
8 years ago

I can’t believe he’s not going to the Rush show that night. What are you thinkin DC??

Reply to  Fanny Alger
8 years ago

Volto! doesn’t play until midnight. I wouldn’t put it past him to be at both. He’s done it with Laker games and Volto! shows many times.

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