Tool Monster Mash Poster Revealed

The poster for the Tool show this coming weekend at the Monster Mash Festival has been revealed in full, and as expected it’s and art piece created by guitar player Adam Jones. It is a painting of a bug, which obviously inspires thoughts of Rance Q. Spartley, or possibly Ticks & Leeches.

Either way, it’s a cool piece of art and one of the best ones we’re seen in recent times in my opinion. They will be for sale at the show on the weekend, presumable in poster form (signed an unsigned I expect) as well as on a T-Shirt.

If anyone is heading to the show and is interested in picking up one of the posters or shirts for a future Fourtheye giveaway, then let me know!

Tool Monster Mash Festival Poster Revealed

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Found this little gem on Loudwire today: Maynard James Keenan has multiple outlets to express himself, yet even he’s surprised at the intense expectations heaped upon his first band Tool. During a chat with the Phoenix New Times, the rocker was asked about why critics and fans tend to take a more serious approach in their view of the band than his other projects. “It’s weird. It’s shouldn’t be,” stated Keenan. “I mean, this one’s named dick [Tool], this one’s named vagina [Puscifer]. That’s the start there, okay?” The vocalist says that Tool was initially founded with a sense of… Read more »