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Tool October 2015 Newsletter

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Blair has published the Tool October 2015 Newsletter, and for those of you who’s heart rate skyrockets at the mere thought of dense prose with little relevance to Tool, I suggest you steer clear. Here’s the bits Tool fans might actually find interesting:

Q: “BMB, What’s going on here? Tool is charging $500 for a meet and greet (with the option to pay even more money for merch)? Since when did the band cater specifically to upper class bourgeoisie Republicans? I hope they at least reward attendees with a free “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. Sincerely, An under-paid proletarian Tool fan.”

BMB: Hello, it’s $499. 98… Less than the price for two To’ak chocolate bars, so let’s not exaggerate, my friend! And besides, do you have any idea how much it costs to grab your Lakers season tickets, gas up the Lamborghini with high octane, give the traffic light corner transient a “Jackson” (if it’s red) on the way to the Staples Center, and then buy a few cocktails (with premium liquor) and a bag of peanuts? Talk about a bruising financial experience! And what about all those decoy tour buses and band member dopplegangers that have to be paid in cash! Plus there is a band member’s replica of the “Nautilus” submarine (complete with pipe organ) in his swimming pool…

Q: “Please tell me if there is any truth to the fact the boys of “][” {[]} {[]} “]_ are scheduled to play HELLFEST in France in June of 2016. I viewed an advertisement that has them on the line-up and would like to know before I purchase tickets to the event. Thank you, a long time fan.”

BMB: The hell if I know – have NOT heard a word about it. Is this e-mail from Lucifuge? Goddamned Craig’s List exorcists!

Not much to write home about. I doubt much has happened this month. No doubt songwriting continues, but I expect they are focused on the Halloween show for now, and Maynard is equally focused on Puscifer. I think we can expect a quiet few months on the Tool front. Maybe we’ll get word of some kind of curveball, but if it’s new album news you’re looking for, well let’s just assume that nothing will happen in that front until at least early 2016.

In addition to all that, there appears to be a new shirt that Blair is pushing, which you can purchase here.


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