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Tool VIP Experience details for Phoenix Arizona

Blair has given us an update on the Tool VIP experience happening on Friday October 30th prior to the Monster Mash Festival show in Arizona:

I have an update on the announcement from Tool management concerning an intimate VIP experience featuring members of the band:
DATE: Friday, October 30th
LOCATION: Marquee Theatre
730 N Hill Ave.
Tempe, AZ
TIME: 4:30pm


– LIVE Q & A

– One time only specialty merchandise and a surprise.
(Please note Tool will not be performing.)

Tickets will be available at 12:00 pm (PDT) on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th only through Tool’s WEBSITE store. A Monster Mash Festival ticket is NOT included as this is a separate event. Additional details will be included at the ticket on-sale, so please check back at that time. ALL AGES WELCOME!

Still doesn’t appear to be any details on the price of the ticket, but if previous VIP sessions are anything to go by it’s likely to be around $500.

Tool Parabol character from previous VIP experience

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8 years ago

$500 for a surprise. nuts in the face!

8 years ago

That’s pretty steep. Hopefully it’ll be worth it to the people attending. Who knows, maybe they’ll all get a 7″ vinyl of Problem 8.

8 years ago

can’t even throw in a ticket to the festival?? these guys are class personified.

Reply to  hellboy1975
8 years ago

kinda silly. you act like this band doesn’t give its fans plenty of ammunition in the complaint department.

theyre tying it to a festival. most likely geared towards Californians and other western states. still the strongest fan base this band has.

its one of the reasons Rage and t00l headlined the first coachella (when no one knew what it was) most people within driving distance have already shelled out $$$ for the lodging, drive/fly in, etc.. its cheap.

8 years ago

Love tool but fuck me give the fans something tangible. Their marketing is retarded. Even if the dropped a 10,000 days vinyl the profit would supersede 1000 VIP sessions. Shoot the accountant. Oh hang on can I have a blanket. Ffs

8 years ago

Band not performing? Wasn’t that the best part? Being able to see a sound check and maybe picking a rare song. Didn’t they straight up say it was Adam last time? Kind of seems like it won’t be this time? A surprise huh? This should be rich!

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