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Adam speaks with Rolling Stone about Tour and New Album

Adam Jones from Tool has recently talked with Rolling Stone about the Tool tour coming up in January, and progress on the new album. It’s a great interview, and while it doesn’t give us any real indication on how far away the album actually is, it does seem very positive. Interestingly it doesn’t seem to mention the Opiate video, which may or may not be out later this year.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Speaking of, you played a new song called “Descending” in Tempe.
Yeah, it’s a working title. We have a song that’s probably about 13 or 14 minutes long, so what we’ve done with it is … I don’t want to call it a “best of,” but it’s a shortened, different approach to it. It is a new song. It’s like a vague movie trailer to the real movie [laughs]. Sometimes we do jamming between songs or some kind of segues, and it’s usually involved in some kind of new material. But that one’s just a little taste of things to come.


Has Maynard heard the music?
Yeah. We have an FTP and a Dropbox and we’re in communication. He’s got other stuff he does, so we keep him in the loop, and he has written lyrics, but he’s still working on that and he’ll commit. The best thing for all of us is when the song is done. I don’t write leads until the song is done. You want to get a vibe. And Maynard can work on lyrics, but until the song’s done and he knows how the end is, he’s still figuring out the flow.

The thing with Tool is you have four critical thinkers who like different stuff, so our process is not an easy one but it’s a very rewarding one. So yes, he is exposed to new music. It’s always been this way and it probably will always be this way and it’s just how people work.

He goes on to add that Maynard is probably joking around when talking about not having any music from Tool.

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8 years ago

Wait, Adam Jones from Tool? I thought he was dead?

Reply to  hellboy1975
8 years ago

Don’t want to mistake him for the black Adam Jones’s from the Bengals or Orioles. 👍🏿

8 years ago

Good stuff. Adam sounds fired up. Saw Puscifer last Tuesday and it was an amazing show for sure. But this news has me really giddy for some reason. I know it’s still a ways off but it’s getting there. Love the new jam. Wish they were coming to NY for the latest mini tour but not sure how many if at dates are get to be announced.

Reply to  daha33
8 years ago

I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves that jam. Listened to it about 60 times now and I’m excited to hear what the full version will sound like.

Otherwise, this was a great interview. Seems like Adam is a little apprehensive of Maynard dissing Tool fans, but otherwise things seem great.

8 years ago

Badass!! I can’t wait

8 years ago

Is it just me or does Adam seem like more of a Chatty Cathy than usual?

Maybe there’s some genuine excitement…?

I felt like it was a really positive interview and we may finally be seeing some light at the end of this tunnel.

I know I’m probably overly optimistic but I’m still legit excited for a new TOOL album. Even though it has been way too long…

8 years ago

New jams are sick… Good interview, he threw us a bone. Got me salivating again.

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