Alternative Nation and Junior reckon the tour is set

An article on Alternative Nation, as well as a comment Junior made on Fourtheye suggest that the 2016 Tool tour is pretty much set and that there won’t be many, if any, more dates to be added. This is despite rumours (and that’s all they were) that Failure were to join Tool on a second half of the run across the USA. Looks like those of you in the northern half will be missing out once more!

From Alternative Nation:

In a direct quote from our source, “This is it, these tour dates are what we have and as of this moment there isn’t any new plans to release more tour dates.”

From Junior:

I would lean more towards the first announcement containing “half the total shows” than there being a “second half”.
ie: some of the empty dates will fill in, rather than there being a longer tour. I think it will end at January’s end.

Also, the announced lineup (with Primus and 3teeth) is likely the only lineup you will see on this round.

The good news is that Alternative Nation have listed that New Orleans show, show there seems to be some weight behind that one being added to the tour (albeit on a different date to what Ticketmaster leaked).

2016 Tool Tour Dates

January 9 San Diego—Viejas Arena
January 10 San Diego, CA—Viejas Arena
January 13 San Antonio, TX—AT&T Center
January 16 Tulsa, OK—BOK Center
January 17 Grand Prairie, TX—Verizon Theatre
January 19 Southaven, MS—Landers Center
January 23 Nashville, TN—Bridgestone Arena
January 25 Atlanta, GA—Infinite Energy Center
January 26 Charlotte, NC—Bojangles Coliseum
January 30 New Orleans, LA—Smoothie King Center

Negative Tool Fans, the pattern is full!

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6 years ago

I know one of the local Louisiana radio stations has announced the New Orleans show this morning on the air and on their facebook page. They say 1/31/16 and claim to be giving away tickets.

6 years ago

There’s a basketball game on 1/30.

6 years ago

A ten date tour… Pretty weak. Yes I’m just bitter, but come on.

Reply to  Intension
6 years ago

are you new?

disappointment is a hallmark of this band. Now stop complaining and buy a $150 dollar blanket made from tee shirt back stock.

9 years. “20 ideas?”

6 years ago

Not new, use to be very positive about this band, still have hope but when they know what fans want and don’t deliver… And say they put thought into all aspects of art and recycle tshirts to make a blanket… How can you justify time off with something so long in the making. Knowing these guys they won’t be writing again until February. Extended holiday leaves from thanksgiving through the new year. Then 10 dates. Then they will need a break from that, Danny will go to hawaii… Probably March actually.

6 years ago

When is the ice fishing trip? We can’t forget about that… that will be Justin and Danny…

6 years ago

This really blows for fans in the northeast. We get shutout again for the tour AND it will further delay the album.

You guys are right:
Nov/Dec: Holidays = no writing
Jan: Tour = little to no writing
Feb/Mar: Alaska trip for Danny = no writing

Best case scenario is they wrap up music June, Maynard wraps lyrics Sept, they jam for Oct, record Nov, album out in April 2017. And that is BEST case scenario.

What is going on with the Opiate video? We are 5 weeks from 2016. Seriously, can’t they even get one thing done?


6 years ago

Complaining again and again. When Tool announced this tour, people complained, and what do you know, people complain again because the tour is not long enough.

6 years ago

Bitch bitch bitch. You guys are unbelievable .

6 years ago

Tool has this posted on their Facebook page for “upcoming events”. Looks like the show will be on the 31 with tickets on sale December 4.

6 years ago

I think there will be about 5 more shows mixed in there. Probably announced soon.
If you look where the big gaps are between shows, almost all of those will turn into 1 day off between shows.

6 years ago

Take back what I said in another thread about coming back through the north of the USA.

It looks like a winter tour down south. Staying warm and keeping out of treacherous weather.

Good things are on the way!

6 years ago

Puscifer will likely start Round 2 of the Money Shot tour in Feb./March, while Danny is off fishing.