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Interview with APC photographer Sean Murphy

Christophe from contacted me today to let me know of an interesting interview he did with photographer Sean Murphy how capture Maynard James Keenan during his A Perfect Circle days. He talks about a few interesting APC and Tool related anecdotes.

What was your impression of the Tool rehearsal space, the ‘sanctuary’ for many fans?
The Tool rehearsal space was bad ass. After we finished our APC shoot, we went to the back to hang out with a couple of the guys from Tool in the rehearsal space. I was taking snap shots of Danny’s drum kit, and he and I got into a bit of a fight. He asked me for the film out of my camera, and I ripped it out and threw it at him. I was drunk, so my memory is a little blurry, but I am pretty sure he was about to fuck me up.

Nice little interview, and worth a quick read.

Maynard James Keenan.  Photo taken by Sean Murphy

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Jethro Tool
Jethro Tool
7 years ago

Interesting he says music is now less fun to shoot. Dont know if its my age but music in general is pretty crap now. There are no rock stars anymore its all been done!

7 years ago

there is plenty of great music/musicians out there , but I think the general mainstream music wouldn’t be fun to photograph…… mainly due to its boring/over-saturated/lame/exaggerated image. That and the industry is garbage.

Danny probably should have knocked his ass out.

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