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Maynard Biography Interviews

Interviews are starting to appear online in support of the new Maynard James Keenan  authorised biography A Perfect Union of Contrary Things.  For your consideration today are an interesting interview with Rolling Stone magazine, and a Podcast.

In Rolling Stone, Maynard answers a range of questions which I suspect broadly preview the content of the book.  The key point I take from this is that we shouldn’t be expecting it to be a Tool biography:

This book you just put out is very adamantly not a Tool book. Tool is a part of it, but in some ways, there’s probably more Puscifer or the winemaking or even the sort of pre-musical life. Was that a calculated thing?
There’s so much stuff out there about Tool, and there’s so many things about me with Tool out there right now it would just be redundant. And some of the more behind-the-scenes things that go on with the band, it should be a volume that’s done by all four of those people, not just me. So, a lot of the things are saved for that next incarnation. Even though this is a biography, I feel like it’s more of, like we talked about, a map – just a map of certain decisions and how they were arrived at, if nothing else for an inspiration for me, to chronicle where I’ve been, to know where I’m going, and also for an observer to look at it and see how it applies to their life.

Will be interesting to see if a Tool biography ever eventuates.

The second interview is a podcast with Kevin Eikenberry from The Remarkable Leaders series.  It’s an interesting and thoughtful interview where Maynard talks about the creative process, and how he has refound his love for music.

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7 years ago

I’d love a tool book. Even if it was just more pictures than words. All of maynards stage outfits, behind the scenes shit and even video stills. Like the salival book but from every era. Now that’s something I’d pay good money for.

Reply to  hexagone
7 years ago

Some years ago there was a “rumor” about an Alex Grey TOOL book and I even had it on my Amazon cart, but it was never published….Damn it.

Reply to  hellboy1975
7 years ago

No, there was actually a book “TOOL – Alex Grey” with a live picture on the cover.
You could preorder it at amazon, but then it was taken down.
Just found it:

I might be wrong but I think even the Tool website had advertised it in the news.

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