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Puscifer on The Onion?

I came across this interesting Instagram post today from Puscifer, which seems to suggest some kind of collaboration with The Onion:

See you all tomorrow! @theonion #comedyfirstalways #thearsonist

A video posted by Puscifer & Caduceus (@puscifer) on

Perhaps we’re going to see Maynard and/or Puscifer on The Onion tomorrow?

In other Maynard related news, there is a reasonably new interview with him on Aussie digital radio station Double J.  It’s not an especially insightful interview, however does give us a tiny clue as to the Puscifer Tour in Australia next year:

“It’s gonna be a different show to what we brought last time,” Keenan told Double J’s Myf Warhurst. “A couple of curveballs. It should be fun.”

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7 years ago

My god is that horrible on so many levels…. Jesus

7 years ago

The song for one , I don’t think is good . The animation is terrible , the idea behind it ? And where is it going other then to show that they(we) must fight against the monster that is trump? Wtf? I hate that it has a political charge to it yes, but beyond that I think it’s shit, had it been a Hillaryzilla I would still think it’s shit… but that just my opinion

7 years ago

And if they were going for humor I think it falls completely flat on that as well . This is coming from a guy who’s listened to all their music and seen them live twice. First time awesome, second time with the new wrestling shpeel, I was disappointed.

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