Velvet Slipper Club coming to Australia!

For the serious Caduceus wine drinkers Down Under, local supplier Sip Wines have announced they are bringing the Velvet Slipper Club to Australia!  As you can imagine it’s not cheap but for someone who loves Maynard‘s wine it’s the only way to get a hold of some exclusive wines locally.

There are two tiers, the Exclusive and General Admission level.  Both get you 3 shipments of 3 bottles each year (typically in March, June and September) with the Exclusive level getting a much sought after bottle of Judith.  As I write this there are only 4 spots left at Exclusive level (out of 36 in total) and 19 spots in General Admission, so get in fast especially if Exclusive is your thing.

For details you can contact Matt from Sip Wine via email or on 0439 800 893

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Adam has posted a few interesting things on Instagram I think today? Looks like they are in a studio environment but could very well be the loft.


Just a guess… because it seems plausible that Aaron Harris could be working with TOOL… One of Adam’s posts has a lava lamp in it.

If you watch Aaron Harris in the studio with Sensory Station there is a Lava Lamp which is at Studio West in San Diego.

I know probably many studios have lava lamps but I’m just trying to piece some of this stuff together. Maybe extra eyes here can help figure out where these little quick videos were shot?


Yeah I suppose that does look like the loft. Oh well, still pretty cool that Adam has been in quite the posting mood lately.