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A Perfect Circle sign with BMG

A Perfect Circle have signed with record label BMG with Billy Howerdel telling us:

We just signed a new record deal with BMG! Looking forward to sharing new music with you soon. New APC-2017!

A few music sites around the place were pretty quick to jump on the idea that A Perfect Circle would have an album out in 2017.  Maynard pretty quickly hosed down those suggestions with a typically to the point Twitter post:

My thoughts are that unless APC have an album in the bag, it seems unlikely that a 2017 release will happen.  With an A Perfect Circle and Tool tour in the coming months, I find it a little hard to believe either band will find the time to record before Maynard’s wine harvest duties commence.

Sure, they may have written some songs, and could be well down the track towards recording, but there doesn’t seem to be any suggestion they have yet.  It feels very similar to the Tool situation to me – plenty of songwriting, and possibly even some songs done but no actual confirmation of recording happening.

My expectation is that maybe we’ll see a single or EP by years end, with possibly a new song or two in the tour setlist, and then a new full length sometime in 2018.

The question is of course – can Tool and A Perfect Circle both release an album in 2018?


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6 years ago

Maynard leveraging the two bands to egg them on & see who can make it to the finish line first? A little competition never hurt anyone and can bring out the best (maybe even a little extra aggression–that rabid emotion we all feed off of with Maynard’s projects) in everyone? That surely would be nice, but TOOL are certainly above that influence, and will likely keep prodding along at their own pace…making progress nonetheless! About Maynard though, we gotta give that man his props for never giving up on it all, and certainly in these later years still making absolute… Read more »

6 years ago

New Tool Spring 2019

6 years ago

April fools?

6 years ago

I feel like this can be realistic. Maynard is no slouch in the studio I’m sure and Billy writes all of the music I mean “Mer De Noms” was recorded in his home studio for fucks sake. I don’t think some small tours would get in the way of Maynard throwing down some vocal tracks. The only thing that throws me off is that Maynard said in an interview once that he didn’t feel that the album format was the way to go anymore and that EP’s and singles were the future. That doesn’t mean that Billy feels the same… Read more »

Reply to  hellboy1975
6 years ago

Very good point. Just got word today there’s a show in Sacramento at our new Golden 1 center. I’ll see how much of a hassle it’s going to be buying tickets on Friday.

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