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Justin’s custom pedal & A Perfect Circle tickets

There’s no real Tool news at the moment (nor will there be for some time I suspect) so we have to make do with some news that is only kinda interesting, depending on what floats your boat.

Anyway, what floats my boat are guitar pedals, and Justin Chancellorr has a fancy custom version of one by boutique pedal vendor KHDK Electronics.  It’s based on their overdrive pedal called Abyss, and has some cool art as you can see below.  Nothing to suggest this is going to turn into something you can buy, but seems cool none the less.

Did you guys remember that A Perfect Circle are touring later this year?  Well they are, with dates across the US.  If you’re too tight to pay for your own ticket, you could try entering the competition at Metal Sucks, who are giving away a few tickets for every non-Festival show on the tour.  The price is being spammed endlessly by Metal Sucks and A Perfect Circle.  Good luck!

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6 years ago

That’s a pretty bad ass looking pedal! I’d probably want to check it out if it made it to consumer level.

As for APC, I’ll be at Aftershock of course as I’m only 30 minutes away from the venue. Can’t wait for October!

I may fork over and go to the Foo Fighters/Queens of the Stone Age gig in San Bern as well… haven’t decided yet and it may be sold out by now.

6 years ago

Just an FYI, Adam has had some interesting posts on Instagram lately. His son sitting on Danny’s set banging away in the studio and Justin has a custom Warwick bass now… Again, photos and video in the studio… Maybe worth a post here Hellboy?

6 years ago

HB, any chance you can change the Album #5 (2016?) to something more plausible? 😉

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