Tom Morello on new Tool album + Northern Invasion

Tom Morello has reported on Instagram recently that he’s had a chance to check out the work in progress on the new Tool album:

Sounds like the body of evidence pointing to a new Tool album is growing.  The when is still very much a question, but I don’t have any doubts this will happen, and hopefully soon.

In other Tool news, they’ve confirmed a second festival slot, this time as part of the Northern Invasion in Wisconsin.  They will play the Sunday night on May 13th  with Alice In Chains. A Perfect Circle taking part on Saturday.  Tickets are a fair bit cheaper than Rock on the Range, though in my opinion the lineup much weaker.

Festivals not your thing?  Hold fire and wait and see if there are a few Tool tour dates – I’d be surprised if there weren’t more added over the coming weeks.

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Really hope all this talk isn’t just to hype a couple of dates. It would be Really nice to hear something new, anything new.

Fingers crossed for Chicago, it’s right in the middle of these festivals. How far a the no play clause usually extend for a festival?

You think they played a tape or live for Tom?

We will get complaining and I get it. I thought this album was ready in 2011. But some news is better than none with Tool.


Man Danny is really shooting his mouth off. Hopefully all for good reason!
It’s cool he’s getting a new kit!

What are the chances of a new song or two in May? Certainly increased


Pretty interesting.

It’s going to take Maynard time to write lyrics though. I highly doubt a new album will be out 2018. Maynard’s busy with A Perfect Circle and other shit. Danny has his new project. It just doesn’t seem like a year they would release anything.

Also, I find it weird that Danny was saying that the album would definitely be coming out next year, even though Maynard doesn’t seem to have anything done. Heck, just five months ago Maynard was on Joe Rogan’s podcast saying that the rest of guys were working shit out.

Tool = IDK


I agree, I really think they will record in 2018, but the album itself could not come until early 2019, depending on timelines. I just hope we get some vinyl 10KD and new album, and why not reissue the old albums too???