Adam posts on Tool’s first day in the studio

Looks like Tool have hit the studio, with Adam sharing a post via Instagram.  Interesting to note that Billy Howerdel is in London doing A Perfect Circle media work at the moment, and Instagram suggests that Maynard is also in Europe.

Adam suggested earlier that Maynard will join the for 3 weeks in March, I assume those three weeks will be towards the end of the month.

~ Day 1 📀

A post shared by Adam Jones (@adamjones_tv) on

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3 years ago

“Did you guys remember to write down all the stuff we’ve composed over the years?”

…I believe is what Adam was going to say.

3 years ago

Billy is not only in London, but in Europe: Berlin, and Paris… 😉

3 years ago

Yeah I guess they would need the get some basic music tracks down for him to do vocals. Awesome!

3 years ago

WOW! This is awesome… Can’t wait. Speculation on Fall 2018 or Spring 2019?

We know Danny lays his stuff down first and is usually very quick about it. Justin may be a little more creative than last round as he is with every album. Adam will take the most time I’m sure and Maynard will probably knock it out of the park pretty quick.

Mixing, mastering and sent into production with hopefully a legit vinyl release, box sets, artwork & such… Music videos I would hope… DVD…

I’m going with Spring 2019 I think.

3 years ago

Happy days! @Hellboy-interested in your thoughts how the band have gone about announcing this recording and the he said/she said social media posts. You always said they would tell us when they are recording? Well the only way they did was via Adams Instagram… I’m still curious about the recording process too considering they started almost one week into March and only have mjk for three weeks in March . Don’t get me wrong, this is bloody exciting and I’m stoked, just the timelines and order of how the recording plays out is confusing, and these timelines could dictate the… Read more »

3 years ago

I always thought the Toolarmy would be “dead”?
What are they offering for the price now?

3 years ago

holy dickburgers the hype is real

I think last time they recorded was 2005/06… It’s possible that they’re expecting to get through a bit quicker this time with recording for a few reasons… The writing for this one has taken a long time, so maybe Adam already has his tones pretty well nailed (considering how much tonality is essentially a part of composition for him)… Also DAW software has come a fair way since then & they’ve all got a decade more experience as musicians… One can hope, anyway.

Reply to  adoxnz
3 years ago

These are actually very good points.