Danny’s Drum Altar in the studio catches fire

There was an Instagram post from Adam Jones recently which showed a picture of Danny Carey holding a melted drum head, presumably outside the studio while recording the new Tool recordDanny’s website now has an explanation for  the fire:

Danny’s drum altar burst into flames the other night after he finished tracking one of the tunes for the new TOOL ALBUM. This occurred while he was listening to the playback and contemplating if this should be the KEEPER TRACK or if he should try one more take. After smelling acrid fumes coming from the adjoining room, he rushed to check it out and realized that his drum altar was ablaze. The small fire fire was quickly extinguished, but not before the Egyptian tutelary deity HORUS suffered minor damage. The falcon-headed one was carefully transported to the ER where it was administered doses of super glue and later released. Afterwards it was decided that the track in question would be a keeper. I’m also happy to report that Horus (with the good ear!) is now back on the altar where he continues to provide support as only he can.” (to quote Danny.)

In other recording news, there are unconfirmed reports that they have changed studio, due to some technical problems with recordings.  Unsure if this set back the recordings in any way, but it certainly appears the band is moving forward regardless.

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3 years ago

I’m really enjoying all of these minor updates from the band.

Has Maynard been with the guys for those three weeks this month? Was he just there to rehearse the songs so that Danny has tracks to drum to?


Reply to  lumps
3 years ago

I feel the same way. I’m pretty fascinated by the whole creative process as much as the final product. Now that it’s finally coming together, it’s nice to at leasy see glimpses of these last steps.

I think it’s a fair assumption that mjk is there with them. They said he would be and… It’s a bit of a stretch… But I’ve had a hunch that the guy scuttling across the room in Adams vid of Danny and Joe at the mixing board is Maynard. It looks like he’s holding a bottle of wine… :/

3 years ago

Is anyone part of tool army? Get to listen to the video on tool band? How was it!?!?

Reply to  hellboy1975
3 years ago

Just that alone is comforting to me because it at least looks as though they are documenting the whole process of recording the album. I’d love to see them release BTS Docs of the recording of each album at some point in time, even if it’s after the band calls it quits. Just to know that they have this material and that maybe it could see the light of day is exciting to me.

3 years ago

thats what happens when you got a bunch of candles laying around your drum kit! geeze!