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Tool Drum Tracking and Newsletters

A couple of good news items from the Tool camp today.  Firstly news that drum tracking is complete on the new album, with a celebratory photo from Kevin Mills:

Here’s a photo taken by KEVIN MILLS (Evil Joe’s assistant) to celebrate the drum tracking being completed (other than a segue, I believe).  Thanks to Justin for sending!

Other news in the last week is that the Newsletter Archive is back on Toolband.  The most recent Newsletters are longer posts that Blair has made recently (such as his thoughts on the Music Clinics) but I’m hoping that from this point forward his regular style of newsletter will be back!

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5 years ago

So I assume this means ballpark release dates have to be pushed back easily into Q1/Q2 2019. Maynard said on twitter recently that he had all of his parts ready to go but nothing was finished in terms of final tracking… As in he can’t track to scratch tracks. So knowing that the drums are all that’s tracked at this point kind of makes sense. I don’t know enough to know if final drum tracks would be enough for maynard to track… But it seems like now the time table has to be; Adam and Justin finish tracking over the… Read more »

5 years ago

^Hmm, I’d say Danny is a bit of a perfectionist, perhaps like Adam, and tries to capture his drumming ‘in the moment’ as much as possible. I remember reading ages ago something about Danny wanting to capture his drumming in one continuous take if rehearses it repeatedly beforehand. Given it’s been 12 years, I’d say it’s fair to say they are perfectionists and are trying to capture as much on tape as possible. Maynard also said in an APC interview recently something about his vocals sounding ‘real’ or ‘right’ by about the 3rd take. Said that sounds genuine or real… Read more »

5 years ago

How can you confirm it’s Blair?

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