Are Tool mastering the new album?

I had a source of mine tell me today that Danny Carey missed an advertised show at the Baked Potato last night, because he was on a plane with the rest of the band headed to Maine for mastering the new Tool album – presumably with Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios. The source was a new one to me, and one I considered unverified, so I posted with some caution in the forum and on Reddit.

Then an observant Redditor managed to spot a post from Maine electronic artist Of The Trees:

So it seems the rumour has some legs then! While we probably should get too excited just yet, hopefully there’s an announcement of an opulent and humanely euthanised lobster dinner sometime in the near future.

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faaip de oiad
faaip de oiad(@faaip-de-oiad)
2 years ago

That seems too much of a coincidence to be fake.

Reply to  faaip de oiad
2 years ago

I’d agree. Happy things are finally close to conclusion.

2 years ago

How long does it typically take to master an album?

bent eye
bent eye(@bent-eye)
Reply to  rushtoolman
2 years ago

More importantly, how long does it take to release an album once the mastering process is complete?

bent eye
bent eye(@bent-eye)
Reply to  hellboy1975
2 years ago

Sounds about right. If they’re mastering right now there’s no way they are going to put it out in a month’s time. The band needs to capitalize on the unique marketing opportunity this album is going to bring. It’s their first album in over a decade. That alone is going to ensure through the roof sales, but they really need to hype the hell out of this album. They need to tease a single before they drop one and build the hype, then release a video. This isn’t a vanilla album release, it’s an event.

2 years ago

Here’s the February 2006 newsletter describing a similar experience perhaps:

bent eye
bent eye(@bent-eye)
2 years ago

**keeps eyes peeled om Adam’s IG for pics of lobster dinner**

2 years ago

Wow! We’re super close! Mastering doesn’t really take all that long TBH. What will take long is them putting the packaging together and getting physical copies and merch into production.

June… Fucking June 2019… I feel like I need to board my windows up and stay inside so nothing happens to me before then. Maybe I’ll start wearing ear plugs all the time so I don’t damage my hearing… We are so close!