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The Danny Carey Trio

Looks like Danny Carey has a new side project with some dudes from Zappa Plays Zappa:

Stumpfest takes place over Easter this year in Portland, Oregon, and features other great acts such as Elder, Baptists and Earthless. As per the Facebook post above, the Danny Carey Trio join the party on Saturday night the 20th of April.

In other Danny related news, I note a recent post on Toolband:

The beautiful coffee table-style book featuring DANNY’s impressive vintage synth collection has been printed and will be available in his on-line store soon!

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4 years ago

This is exciting. Do we know the line-up? How cool would a Dweezil/Carey project be?

4 years ago

It’s all great and I’m sure it’ll be a fun project, certainly worthy of promotion since the festival is next month. Love the ZPZ players and their awesome show, they’re all best of the best. But I think the last thing in the world most TOOL fans want to hear about right now is another member’s new side project. Except for those near Oregon that may be able to go to Rynne’s festival. I know I’d go if I lived near there. But I don’t, so…….hoping for more concrete new album news like most.

Reply to  hellboy1975
4 years ago

Yes it does and today I woke up to the news that we lost Keith Flint from The Prodigy… So tragic.

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