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Justin Chancellor on Striking A Chord

There’s a ton of good Tool content out there at the moment, lots of which I’m yet to post here on Fourtheye. I’m slowly catching up but the one that has caught my eye this evening is Evan Ball speaking will Tool bassplayer Justin Chancellor on the new Striking A Chord podcast.

It’s a pretty great interview, very open conversation with Justin as he takes us through the days pre-Tool, joining the band, some of the journey behind writing Fear Inoculum and more.

Perhaps one of the more interesting points is discussion of possible videos that might come following the albums release. It seems as though Adam is directing something that is a collaboration of sorts with a bunch of artists.

For those who don’t like to listen, the podcast is also transcribed on the Ernie Ball site for your reading pleasure…

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faaip de oiad
faaip de oiad
4 years ago

This was a great interview. My favorite of all the ones released so far.

4 years ago

Epic interview.

“We remastered every single album for the digital format.” …!

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