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Inside Track with Danny, Justin & Joe

Inside Track with Danny, Justin & Joe

There’s a pretty cool podcast called Inside Track which is related to the metal magazine Kerrang, during which they discuss the making of the latest Tool album: Fear Inoculum. It’s a pretty fun interview, listening to the banter between drummer Danny Carey and bass player Justin Chancellor is worth the effort. Engineer Joe Barresi also has some great insight into the process behind the recording of the album

Some interesting points:

  • They talk quite a bit about how the three instrumental members jam, write and tear apart material at length before giving it to Maynard. Justin jokes around a bit about how they piss Maynard off, but in the end are pretty understanding of his wishes, and much mutual respect for how he can do it at all!
  • The album was recorded in a bunch of locations: Henson studios for Danny’s drums, United Recording for Justin & Adam, Maynard’s bedroom in Arizona and additional parts in the Loft
  • Mat Mitchell helped out with pre-production on vocals, which were recorded in about a week. Joe traveled to Arizona for the actual recording, hanging out at the winery and generally having a great time.
  • Chocolate Chip Trip named after cookies made at one of the studios. Danny’s first kit he has as a teenage was used for the recording, a Ludwig. Recorded several takes but ended up using the first according to Joe.
  • The album didn’t really take much longer to write than normal, just a lot of other stuff went down beforehand.
  • Danny knocked over a candle while recording and hit kit caught on fire. Thankfully it was put out before the sprinkler system kicked in!

Check it out – it’s worth the time!

Justin photo credit: Marv Watson

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4 years ago

Dan calling Sting “Stingy” was pretty funny.

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