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Justin Chancellor talks to Bass Magazine

Earlier this week a fellow Fourtheye comrade pointed me towards an excellent interview by Jon D’Auria featuring Justin Chancellor from Tool. Found in issue 5 of Bass Magazine it’s a pretty good read, especially for 4-string aficionados:

Every song feels very complete. Do you feel that you were able to achieve your full potential, front to back?

When you’re in the studio, there is always the element of asking if a song is exactly as we want it, and you can change a million things before everyone is truly happy with it. We’re four people who hear things differently and have different visions of ideas and how to mix them. I wouldn’t say that it’s always exactly individually the way that each of us would want it all to be. The finished product ends up being a compromise between all of us. If we each released our own version of the album, you’d probably hear quite a different mix from each of us. But regarding composition, sounds and arrangements, we were all totally happy. It felt complete. But then we go and play it love and we realise, damn, maybe we should have done this this way. That’s the beauty of getting to play these songs live – you give them a new life, and they live on. The album is never the end of the road for the composition.

As a bonus, the magazine also features an interview with former A Perfect Circle bass player Paz Lenchantin who currently fills the low end for The Pixies

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4 years ago

Interview is on page 52.

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