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Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2020

It’s 2021, so now is the time to take a look into what are your favourite albums of the year. We were somewhat down on votes this year compared to normal, possibly due to COVID detachment, or perhaps due to the slowly decreasing relevance of traditional blogs on the internet. Either way the results were a mix of the predictable, as a well as a few interesting choices

There was a runaway winner this year, which clearly won’t surprise many of you. Deftones put out a very highly acclaimed album, and that aligns very closely with the musical tastes of many Tool fans. The rest of the voting was also pretty close, with the last 5 choices in the list being very closely counted.

This time around I made the executive decision to remove Puscifer’s Existential Reckoning from the list – not because it’s not deserving (it was a very clear number 2 in the poll) but because I think this poll is best when we include bands we don’t regularly focus on. And also because it means I can have a top 10 instead of 11, since there were a few tied votes!

Don’t want to real through the entire list? Here’s a link to a Spotify Playlist

1. Ohms – Deftones

Pretty hard to argue with the success of this album – one of their strongest pieces of work in some time!

2. Reluctant Hero – Killer Be Killed

This supergroups album was released relatively late in the year, and I was thinking it might be overlooked by many. Turns out I was wrong!

3. The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny demo – Mr Bungle

An interesting release from a kinda reformed Mr Bungle, a mostly thrash album which is a re-recording of their first. Not traditional Bungle, but a hit with many

4. Omens – Elder

Elder don’t really do bad albums, and Omens is no exception to that rule! A band highly regarded by Fourtheye readers.

5. Underneath – Code Orange

Underneath follows up their last breakout album, and Code Orange didn’t really miss a beat. Another quality release from a band building a strong following.

6. Fluid Existential Inversions – Intronaut

Quality prog metal is the hallmark of Intronaut, and Fluid Existential Inversions is the band at their best!

7. Nothing As The Ideal – All Them Witches

A favourite on the Fourtheye forum makes an appearance in the top 10 list this year. For those that don’t know them, they’re a rock band from the US with strong stoner and psych vibes

8. RTJ4 – Run The Jewels

Black Lives Matter, and so does this album. It’s easy to write it off as a “token” hip hop album for rock fans (especially with the Zak De La Rocha collaboration) but this is a genuinely good album that deserves your time.

9. Impulsive Voices – Plini

If instrumental math rock is your thing, then Plini will appeal!

10. Palimpsest – Protest The Hero

Sad to say I didn’t realise this excellent band had even released an album in 2020! Thanks to all the Fourtheye readers who voted in the way of a reminder!

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3 years ago

Were there any votes for The Ocean – Phanerozoic Ii ?

3 years ago

Happy to see Intronaut make the list. They definitely release good albums consistently. Ohms is ok… Better than Gore that’s for sure.

3 years ago

looking forward to your personal top 10, hellboy

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