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The untold story of Tool’s Lateralus at 20

The untold story of Tool’s Lateralus at 20

2021 is the year that Tool’s Lateralus hits 20 years old! While there’s no indication the band will celebrate (yet) Kerrang have celebrated with a new, and insightful interview with bassist Justin Chancellor.

He reveals quite a bit about the writing of the album, and the tensions surrounding it. Even going as far as saying Tool spent the first day in the studio “having it out with each other”:

“We spent the first day in the lounge having it out with each other, kicking and screaming, laughing and crying,” grins Justin. ​“That whole day, we didn’t go into the tracking room at all.”

There haven’t been many interviews with Tool lately, but this one is excellent and really worth the time! Get cracking!

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2 years ago

Oh wow, this was great to read. THIS is the kinda stuff that I know to them is looking backwards, but done tastefully like this is exactly what they should be doing in their twilight years — fleshing out just ANYTHING about the discography, the creative process, codifying their body of work in a real way. These guys are all in their 50s, Danny is 59. I’m not saying open up the books and reveal all of what happened and all the secrets, but it’d be great to have some sort of real retrospective look at their catalog along the… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by dslet
2 years ago

Thank you, Hellboy

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