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Tool Newsletter May 2021

Tool Newsletter May 2021

In the latest Tool Newsletter for May 2021 Blair recounts some of the story behind the recording of FAAIP DE OIAD from the recently 20 year old Lateralus. While you may be well aware of the Art Bell link to this track, there is more detail about how Danny went about recording the rest of the track, including some of the synths that were utilised.

For those who aren’t Blair fans, no doubt this newsletter will result in some frustration, but for the rest of us, it’s an interesting read. There’s also a Live DVD mention:

I still receive a lot of email about the live version of the ‘hidden’ track, Faaip de Oiad that was performed during the latter stages of the Lateralus tour which, as I explained sometime last year, would most likely be included on the new dvd (no release date yet, I’m sorry to report). I also still get quite a few questions as to the precise meaning of the Enochian title, Faaip de Oiad (Voice of God), and the strange circumstances surrounding the frantic, some would say paranoid, voice that can be heard on the track from the Tool CD
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3 years ago

I trust Tool that the live DVD will actually be a DVD in 2021.

Reply to  lukas
3 years ago

yeah, right 😛

2 years ago

What’s the point in bringing up the live DVD? There’s a zero percent chance this will ever get released.

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